Why would all this possibly happen?

Rather than focusing narrowly on the charges like DOJ and IRS wish, let’s look at the bigger picture.  Could it be because in both terms in Congress, Steve boldly did what he believed was right to effectively expose and frustrate the left’s agenda?

In the late 80’s and the 90’s, among other things, he:


Attended and networked at Dan’s Bake Sale in Ft. Collins, CO, with Rush Limbaugh.

Early 90’s

Mobilized citizens to get involved in the electoral process – truly the “Tea Party” before there was a “Tea Party.”


Defeated 42-year incumbent liberal Democrat Jack Brooks.


Investigated the Clintons’ involvement in the Whitewater affair as a member of the banking committee.


Actively opposed the U.S. bailout of Mexican banks – standing against both  party leadership and the Clinton administration.


Filed bill proposing Constitutional amendment to eliminate citizenship for “anchor babies” – a change later called for by Donald Trump in his 2016 Presidential campaign.


Called for GAO investigation into Alfred P. Kinsey’s “research” on children that included child molestation and is the foundation for most sex education in school classrooms today.

Throughout the term

Was a major proponent of the Second Amendment and the right to life, sponsoring and cosponsoring much legislation.

After returning to Congress in 2013, he continued to infuriate the left:


Stockman threatened impeachment if then president Obama overstepped his authority by limiting Second Amendment rights;


Invited NRA Board Member Ted Nugent as his guest for the State of the Union address where the president hoped to monopolize the press with his call for gun control;


Filed discharge petition to free Rep. Wolfe’s bill to establish the House committee to investigate the Benghazi debacle;


Distributed Impeachable Offenses: The Case for Removing Barak Obama from Office to House members;


Wrote to President Obama asking if the administration authorized any payment to the Haqqani Network terrorist group in exchange for U.S. Army Spc. Bowe Bergdahl;


Blocked Obama’s gun control and immigration bills from reaching the House from Senate;


Filed House resolution calling for arrest of Lois Lerner for contempt of Congress;

Is the heavy-handed peremptory incarceration of Stockman an effort to suppress opposition by minimizing media coverage of another case of political persecution by Obama’s Deep State?

Corruption in the Deep State is indeed deep – not just existing amongst the leadership. Former Justice official Sidney Powell, author of Licensed to Lie, repeatedly discusses the corruption of prosecutors who tackle high visibility cases in order to win a “notch” in their belts and be promoted.

If Stockman had played the game according to the unspoken “rules” amongst prosecutors, defense attorneys, and courts, he’d have pled guilty to at least some of the charges for reduced penalties. Prosecutors would still get their belt notches and revenge for Stockman’s aggressiveness, and they’d move up the corrupt career ladder.

But Stockman had the gall to plead innocent, to stand his ground on the belief that a jury would hear the truth and exonerate him. He pled not guilty and incurred the full wrath of the Federal government.

No presentation from prosecution changed Stockman’s innocence.

He will appeal the case.