The Deep State in our government uses the same three step strategy pioneered by militant Saul Alinsky in his book Rules for Radicals to silence political opposition. The steps: (1) Identify, (2) Isolate, (3) Destroy have been used to attack conservative activists across the country.

The government spent millions of taxpayer dollars and over four years tracking every movement Stockman made going back to the late ‘80’s. They went around the world, flew in witnesses from across the country, and hired a small army of investigators to pick apart his life before they even had an idea of potential charges. All this to gin up charges leading to 283 years in prison for alleged mismanagement of less than a million dollars in donations. By contrast Obama friend Jon Corzine lost $1.2 billion of shareholder money, but was never even charged.

The Obama Justice Department conspired with the FEC, FBI, and IRS to weaponize federal agencies against conservatives. Eric Holder’s and Loretta Lynch’s troops worked overtime to conjure up charges against Steve which are illegitimate. Even a respected constitutional attorney says the trumped-up charges against him violate the U.S. Constitution in a number of respects.

This is the same “Justice” Department that refused to take any action against the Clintons, year after year.

Prosecutors even called before the grand jury a mechanic who last worked on a Stockman car eight years earlier. They called staffers, campaign volunteers, family members, friends, and even the former mechanic – as they conducted a political colonoscopy of Steve Stockman.

Unable to indict with the first three grand juries, they shopped around until they could find one to accommodate. They undoubtedly employed their mafia-like techniques to frighten two former staffers into falsely pleading guilty and agreeing to lie about Stockman before a jury in exchange  for lesser penalties of their own.

Stockman was forced to deplete all his resources and retirement savings to pay for legal counsel before he was even indicted. He lacked the money to hire high-powered counsel for his defense.  Thus, the truth never came out and the jury only heard one side of the story.

The court denied all but two defense witnesses. Government lawyers successfully imposed strict prohibitions on Stockman’s defense team. They were blocked from referring to anything political and barred from mentioning the name of Lois Lerner before the jury. Stockman repeatedly said, “I feel like I’m at a trial of chefs with mention of food prohibited.”

All defense motions were denied, including very strong pre-trial pleadings with many high court precedents that undermined the charges against Steve. There was no fair trial and government lawyers were quick to demand immediate incarceration even though most defendants are allowed to continue to be free on bail pending sentencing.