Who We Are

We are a group of concerned citizens dedicated to bringing to light the truth in cases of extreme injustice. It is a travesty to see the vast numbers of people who have been wrongfully charged, wrongfully convicted, and so many who are still wrongfully being held prisoner while many of the real criminals involved in these cases are unjustly advantaged to be free. If there is no “equal justice under the law” in America, we are doomed as a society.  There is a saying that says “If the law breaks the law, there is no law!” Without the equal application of our laws in our courts to ensure that the innocent are protected and the criminals are punished, our existence as a free country is in peril.

Who We Represent

In recent years, government agencies have been weaponized to target citizens of varied political and faith backgrounds and many of these people have been denied due process and convicted based on manufactured evidence, misconstrued evidence, or even the destruction of evidence that could have exonerated them. We are advocates for individuals who have been failed by a judicial system that, instead of applying the law equally to all people, often plays political favors, disregards judicial precedent, and lowers the standards until standards cease to exist.