Latest Updates

After 2 3/4 years in prison, Steve’s sentence was commuted by President Trump on December 22, 2020. This was a huge blessing that brought Steve home; however, a pardon was needed to wipe Steve’s record clean. Thus, Steve’s problems continue.

Steve has recently completed a 3-year probation that which ended December 22, 2023. This probation has restricted his freedoms significantly and has required him to submit monthly reports to the government that continues to control his life.

In addition, Steve has been hospitalized numerous times for several heart procedures. We believemany of his problems result from the untreated COVID and other healthcare negligence by the prison. The BOP refused to grant Steve home confinement, even though all other diabetic inmates over 60 years old were sent home for their protection.

Increasing the hardship, the IRS has pursued Steve and Patti, insisting they now pay nearly another million dollars in taxes, penalties and interest on personal income that prosecutors claimed he procured, but which he never received. This, in addition to the large government garnishment of Patti’s paycheck towards the $ Million+ restitution owed to the government as part of Steve’s sentence.

Steve and Patti have secured a costly tax attorney to battle the IRS for them. All these drains on top of Steve’s defense expenses leave their financial resources drastically depleted, with all Steve’s retirement gone and much of Patti’s as well. Aside from medical expenses, these financial burdens come from the government that continues to milk them!

Steve is looking forward to being completely free from the Justice Department thumb in a few months so he can exercise his freedoms, and prayerfully have his health fully restored.  Another surgery in the Spring will prayerfully “fix” his heart.  

Would you be willing to help lighten the Stockman’s financial burdens that have accumulated from the injustice theyve experienced over the past few years? They desperately need our prayers and our financial assistance.

If you can help, please send a check to: 
Stockman Defense Fund
1605 7th St.
Bay City, TX 77414